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Forest Smoked Ham

Weight250 g

Ham is produced from the lower and upper muscle chop. Properly shaped, is marinated in pickle-salt solution with suitable spices. It is smoked in smokehouses fired with local  wood and then steamed. The produced ham has a unique flavor and the firm consistency. The product resembles a ham produced by manufacturers many years ago, and now enjoys great popularity among the followers of such meats.

* Price valid until 6/30/2024 


Please be aware that when selecting ham by " One Piece" that total weight might be different from your order. Our whole hams range between 0.500 kg and 1,5kg in weight. For example if you order 1kg of ham the final product might be either under or over by 200grams. The sale price will be adjusted according to the weight of the ham.

Forest Smoked Ham


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